Feature Article

Paper 3: Feature Article

Above, is my final draft to my feature article about the upcoming Florida State Baseball season in our group’s webzine, named Garnet & Gold Sports. Out of the three assignments I had to write this year for ENC1101, this was my favorite and easiest one. When you gave us the assignment of writing a feature article about anything we want, that gave me a great amount of freedom. Our webzine is about sports, and I picked the sport I love most, which is baseball. Writing this article was pretty easy for me because I was so interested and invested in the topic. There were a few tedious things I had to get done like finding all of the stats, citing what needed to be cited, but overall I very much enjoyed writing this article.

I believe there were less changes in this assignment than the other two assignments just because I felt like I had almost everything set and ready to go by the third draft. The changes I made from the third draft to the final draft were relatively small. One change was that I clarified a few things that needed clarification in the third draft. Words like “redshirting” along with other things needed a bit of clarification in the third draft. Another change I made was that I tightened up the nut graph a little bit so it is now clear and concise; it gets straight to the point. One other thing I changed in the final draft was that I took out citations from public records that did not need to be included in the article. One final thing I did, which was not too important but was very tedious, was get rid of commas before a person’s name and after their class after realizing the commas don’t need to be there. I hope you enjoy my feature article about the upcoming Seminoles Baseball season.

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