Short Story

Paper 2: Short Story

Above, is my final draft to my short fictional story about an attempt at a bank heist. The process to writing this paper was quite a bit harder than writing my personal narrative. With this assignment, I actually had to make up and create events that would happen in the story. When you first gave us this assignment, I knew right away that I wanted to do a heightened reality story, I just was not sure what I was going to actually write about. The first thing that popped into my mind when I thought “Heightened reality” was crime, and than I thought, “What is the one crime that most people would do if they knew they could get away with it and there would be no repercussions? Commit a bank heist. Once I got the topic, I had to think of a reason why I needed to rob the bank, which I eventually thought of later on. I wanted to write about something that I thought would be exciting and thrilling to write about as well as to read.

There were quite a few changes I made from the third draft to the final draft. One thing I changed was the introduction paragraph. In the final draft, I brought the reader right into the middle of the heist from the start, instead of waiting until the middle of the story to get into the heist, like I did in the third draft. One other thing I did was explain that robbing the bank was basically our only option, I explained that the characters could not pool their money together or anything else because they needed so much money in so little time. One final change I made was that I cut out a few unnecessary paragraphs. I cut out the paragraphs out my character taking naps and paragraphs that slowed down the action. I hope you enjoy my short story about four teenager’s attempt at a bank heist.


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